Sam Nightingale is an artist who investigates ‘spectral ecologies’ - the haunting or 
co-presence of another time that are active in forming the material conditions of the present (these could be legacies from deep geological time to industrialised capitalism). His practice is research-based focusing on specific geophysical locations and their seemingly invisible histories. Working with photographic and time-based media he attempts to make visible the human/non-human temporal entanglements that co-produce the material and environmental conditions of these sites: from ancient salt lakes in the Australian desert to the atomic light of a nuclear power plant in the far north of Scotland, for example. 

Engaging with ideas from media archaeology - often working with practices and histories from early cinema and photography - Nightingale responds to these sites as ‘spectral ecologies’ or ‘spectral landscapes’. He draws as much on 'man-made' media technologies as he does on the environment’s own capacity as elemental media in order to produce an aesthetics of human/non-human entanglement. The projects emerge out of a process of historical research, speculative fieldwork, philosophical questioning, conversations and collaboration with researchers, academics and other artists. He exhibits internationally, his work has been included in exhibitions and film festivals in America, Australia and Europe. He is a PhD Candidate at Goldsmiths, University of London in the Department of Media, Communication & Cultural Studies and in The Centre for Research Architecture.

Exhibitions & Screenings

>> A Crystalline World, Salon 17: New Approaches in Photography, Four Corners, London
>> Picture Has Not Been Checked, festival, London
>> Forgotten Futures: modernist architecture of the british seaside town, Folkestone Triennial Fringe, Folkestone
>> Spectral Ecologies, Mildura Arts Centre, Australia
>> State Theatre, Sierra Blanca, NCM Exposed, Photofusion, London
>> The Remains, Cities After Hours, UCL, London
>> London's Lost Cinemas, UCL Cities Methodologies, Slade Research Centre, London
>> Marfa West Texas, Residency - Work in Progress, A Brooks Art, Resort Studios, Margate
>> The Savoy, University of Bedfordshire, Luton
>> Islington’s Lost Cinemas, A Brooks Art: Works on Paper, Deutsche Bank, London
>> Forgotten Futures: modernist architecture of the british seaside town, Buoyant, Gallery 40, Brighton

>> Film, Cabinet Exhibition, Islington’s Arts Factory, London
>> Spectres of Film: Islington’s Lost Cinemas and other Spectral Spaces, A Brooks Art, London.
>> Film, Experiments in Cinema, New Mexico, USA

>> Crossing Liminal Borders, Freies Museum, Berlin
>> Olympic Changes: an inadequate document of life, East Pop West, London
>> Traversal – First Passage, Millington | Marriott, New Gallery, London
>> Olympic Changes: an inadequate document of life, Islington Exhibits, Rowan Arts, London
>> Leaving the Cinema: Spectres of Film, Truman’s Brewery, London

>> Westphoto Photography Prize, Ambika P3 Gallery, London
>> Olympic Changes: an inadequate document of life, In Time, Blueprint, London
>> Traversal – First Passage, Ear Me Now, Netil House, London
>> A Correspondence of Practice [programme of experimental film]: Traversal – First Passage; Traversal –Third Passage, University of Westminster, London
>> Olympic Changes: an inadequate document of life, Australian International Experimental Film Festival, Melbourne, Australia
>> Crossing Liminal Borders, Salon 2010, Viewfinder Photography Gallery, London
>> Olympic Changes: an inadequate document of life, Oblong Gallery, London
>> 30., Shoreditch Town Hall, London
>> Selected Photoworks, Ritzy Cinema, London

Residencies / Invitations

>> Field_Notes – Ecology of Senses, Bioart Society, Kilpisjärvi Biological Station, Finland
>> [Im]material Nuclear Landscapes, TimeSpan, Scotland

>> Practising Deep Time Residency, TimeSpan, Scotland
>> Mildura Arts Centre, Victoria, Australia
>> Dark Ecology, Norway & Russia
>> A Brooks Art Marfa, Texas, USA
>> University of Bedfordshire, Luton, UK


>> Associate Lecturer, Goldsmiths, University of London
>> The Helen Bamber Foundation 

Talks, Workshops & Events

>> Deep Time Trajectories, 'Alien Time', Goldsmiths, University of London
>> [Im]material Nuclear Landscapes Field Trip, TimeSpan, Scotland
>> Practicing Deep Time Round Table, TimeSpan, Scotland
>> Spectral Ecologies, Sensible Cinena, Advanced Research Workshop, University of London.
>> Artist Talk, Mildura Arts Centre, Australia
>> Imagining Cinema,
 walk and talk in Ouyen, Robinvale and Mildura, Australia.
>> Spectral Ecologies, Evening Forum, Tavistock Institute, London
>> Spectral Spaces, La Trobe University Art Forum, Mildura, Australia
>> Imagining Mildura Cinema, walk & workshop, Mildura, Australia
>> In Search of Islington's Lost Cinemas: artist walk for Antiuniversity Now!, London
>> Cinema and Local History Mapping Workshop, collaboration Chris O'Rourke UCL, The Cinema Museum, London
>> Marfa West Texas, Residency - Talk for A Brooks Art, Resort Studios, Margate
>> In Search of Seven Sisters Lost Cinemas: participatory walk for Seven Sisters Stories (HLF) Rowan Arts, London
>> Memory & Space: Workshop/ talk for The Tavistock Institute, London
>> Activating Cinema: artist-led tour of cinema for Building Exploratory
>> History of Islington's Cinemas: various talks for North London Cares, Sotheby Mews, Building Exploratory
>> In Search of Holloway's Lost Cinemas: participatory walk for Reel Islington Film Festival, London
>> Artist Talk: University of Bedfordshire, Luton
>> Artist Talk: A Brooks Art Gallery, London

Selected Publications

>> Futures and Fictions, Ayesha Hameed Henriette Gunkel Simon O’Sullivan (eds.) [photographic works]
>> Spectral Ecologies, catalogue, Mildura Arts Centre [catalogue]
>> The Sensible Stage: Staging and the Moving Image, Bridget Crone (ed.), 2nd edition [photographic works]
>> Beneath the Salt, Marianne Bjørnmyr and Dan Mariner, (eds.) [photographic works] 2016
>> Living Earth: Field Notes from the Dark Ecology Project 2014-2016, Sonic Acts Press, [photographic works] 2015
>> By Our Selves, Andrew Kötting (ed.), [photo-essay to accompany 'Jack's Alive! And so's the Bear'] >> Forgotten Futures: modernist architecture of the british seaside town, The Modern House [editorial feature] >> Spectral spaces: Islington’s Lost Cinemas, The Spaces [editorial feature] 2014
>> Spectral Conjuring of a Cinematic PresentThe Cinemas Project, book, [photographic works] 2012
>> The Sensible Stage: Staging and the Moving Image, Bridget Crone (ed.), [photographic works] >> The Cinemas of Holloway Road, Born and Bread, Rowan Arts [essay] 2011
>> Picture has Not Been Checked, [limited edition artists book] 2010
>> Field Trip - Journal of Analogue Photography, limited edition art magazine, Summer 2010
>> Border, [exhibition catalogue] 2009
>> Eyeline: Contemporary Visual Arts, Queensland University of Technology, October 2009
>> Frieze, October 2008


>> PhD Candidate - Media, Communication & Cultural Studies / The Centre for Research Architecture (current)
Goldsmiths, University of London
>> M.A Philosophy and Contemporary Critical Theory, 2014 (Distinction)
Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy, Kingston University, London
>> B.A (Hons) Photography, 2011 (First Class Hons.)
University of Westminster, London