Olympic Changes: an inadequate document of life

Olympic Changes: an inadequate document of life is an experimental film that takes the analogue photograph as its source and transforms the still-ness of photography into the dynamic movement of film.

Olympic Changes originates from six medium-format photographic negatives taken from a moving train. Each of the negatives are digitally scanned and repeatedly divided and cropped to make 600 separate images – each becoming a frame in the film. Movement is re-animated through digital video to reflect the play of motion present at the original moment of capture. The frames of the film are sequenced in such way that the viewer not only journeys through the changing urban landscape, but also journeys through each of the six still photographs. Witnessed is the banality of an everyday train journey, entwined with the structural changes taking place to the urban environment around the Olympic site in East London.

Olympic Changes looks at the liminality that lies between photography and film at the intersection of the moving and the still image and reconnects the indexicality of celluloid film to the medium of video.

Olympic Changes: an inadequate document of life. Video, sound, 10:34. (2009).