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As a co-founder and member of the research/ practice collective, Practices of Attunement (PoA) I would like to announce we are facilitating a series of online workshops as part of HKW’s New Alphabet School #instituting public programme in June 2021. 

The workshop acts as a proposition that takes “instituting” as a nonfinite verb, a call to collective action: a never-ending form of speculation, adopting attentiveness, receptivity and movement as its constituent elements. PoA seeks to extend Fred Moten and Stefano Harney’s notion of “study”: an encounter “where you allow yourself to be possessed by others,” instituting a mode of counter-maintenance, generating and maintaining felicitous conditions for encounters.  Over the past nine months, we have been meeting bi-weekly to undertake an ongoing process of study(ing) together. For New Alphabet School #Instituting, we invite you to join us in extended sessions that focus on maintaining, triggering or establishing the conditions for study via remote(ly) collective practices of attunement occurring (a)synchronously across multiple sites. In the unfolding space of study – being together and apart – PoA propose to encounter and attempt to attune to different, overlapping, inconsistent, unevenly distributed, (in)tangible and (un)bounded ecospheric entanglements.
The workshop will take place across a two-week period, where participants meet online twice in preliminary sessions prior to the event on June 25. The purpose of part 1 is to think through conditions and practices for attunement. Based on the participants’ experiences, part 2 will discuss possibilities to institute counter-institutional modes of study.

Participants need to be able to commit to all three gatherings. 

Part 1 – Field-Studies
Preliminary online workshops: Friday, June 11 and June 18, 11am–1pm CEST (Berlin) // 12noon – 2pm EEST (Athens) 

Part 2 – Practices for Deep-Hanging Out
Online workshop: Friday, June 25, 2:30pm–6pm CEST (Berlin) / 3:30–7pm EEST (Athens). For this session, participation on-site in Athens (Eight Collective, Politechneiou 8, Athina 104 33, 5–8pm EEST) is also possible. 

Information about registering for this and other #Instituting workshops is here. Details about HKW’s #Instituting programme can be seen below and the full schedule of events is found here. 


The workshop is part of HKW’s #Instituting: Public Programme – June 24-26 2021
with Stefano Harney, Fred Moten, ruangrupa and others. 

What could processes of self-organizing and collective making look like in the current landscape? In what ways might they affect public processes of social improvisation? How might such forms of “instituting” give rise to other forms of institutions? Inviting theoretical as well as practical approaches, this edition of the New Alphabet School studies “instituting” as an incomplete, fugitive and thus continuous process that constantly seeks out ways to interact with evolving strictures of the here and now. In their book Now (2017) the Invisible Committee argues that “in reality what we need are not institutions but forms… Everything that lives is only forms and interactions of forms”. How to begin to study this process, this evolving mutation and redefinition of forms as social improvisation, inseparable from emergent imaginings and imaginaries of a livable life?

The full schedule of events is found here.