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Over the last few months I have been busy writing articles and publishing work in different journals.

A number of these are listed below:

Dust & Shadow, Reader #2: ‘Attunement’
Maja Kuzmanovic, Nik Gaffney, Ron Broglio, Adam Nocek (eds.) (2019)

The Dust & Shadow reader #2 is a commonplace booklet exploring attunement as a proposition for engaging with the world, Earth-bound environments and their inhabitants, in a continuously changing field of relationships. The motley collection of textual and visual excerpts in this reader offers glimpses of attunement from different perspectives, including ecological, technological, animist, transhumanist, artistic, scientific and philosophical points of view… download booklet as PDF

Para-photo-mancy: notes on biochemical imagesAntennae (issue 48, 2019)

This edition of the Antennae was entitled ‘Interface’:
The interface is an agentially charged field — it reveals itself as a productive material dimension through which our thinking, questions, and assumptions are formed, mapped, shaped, and tested. From this perspective, the interface manifests itself as an artistic material surface—a creative and reactive  field through which we modulate the bandwidth of a perceptual gap—the poetic and philosophical distance between us and the actants and systems we study. And because of its inherent agential potential, the interface is also prone to become an ethical battle field. Interfaces are sites of negotiation—they are selective. The same interface reveals very different aspects of reality when used in different disciplinary settings... download journal as PDF

Photochemical Alchemy, CAA Art Journal Open, (2019)

“The Technology of Divination” is the second of three entries for Art Journal Open reflecting on the experiences of participants at the Bioart Society’s Field_Notes conference in autumn 2018. During this event, held every autumn at the Kilpisjärvi Biological Station in the far north of Finland, the Society brings together the expertise of artists, scientists, and humanists to explore the environment of Lapland, Finland, and to consider a designated theme. The 2019 gathering was titled “Ecology of Senses,” and proposed a broad exploration of how humans and nonhumans sense the environment, including but not limited to what it is possible to sense, the bodily experience and instrumentation of sensing, and why we sense the world.

Experimenting with the image-making capacity of plants—photography without to read