Back on the road – Australian cinemas

Sam NightingaleProjects

Drive-in cinema

I am back on the road in search of spectral spaces of cinema across rural Victoria, Australia between May – July 2014.

Australian Cinemas (24 Frames) is a large body of work that is producing a visual typology that indexes the sociological, cultural and historic context of rural cinema in Australia. By photographing what remains of these cinemas (or what has replaced them) I am documenting the social and geographical changes that have taken place to the landscape through the lens of ‘cinema’. The images that form Australian Cinemas (24 Frames) accentuate the dominating force of the Australian landscape, both economically and climatically, leaving the vanishing sites of cinema in its midst. In its wake is a social and geographic landscape that has been shaped by consumerism, individualism and conversely the desire for ‘sameness’. The cinemas that remain can only do so as spectres. 

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