Field_Notes: Ecology of Senses

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Image by Till Bovermann

I have been invited to Field_Notes: Ecology of Senses, an art & science field laboratory organised by the Bioart Society at the Kilpisjärvi Biological Station in sub-arctic Lapland/Finland, during September 2018. Five different groups will approach the Ecology of Senses theme from different angles. We will organise ourselves in work groups, teams, think tanks, and workshops, and carry out work from our related … Read More

Preservation and Mutability: salt and the archive

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I have been thinking about salt a lot recently. Maybe a strange way to start a blog for the TIHR Archive Project but actually there are many connections between the qualities of salt and the archive. As an artist I often have the opportunity to put together concepts that at first appear disconnected. Salt and archival practices are a reoccurring … Read More


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TimeSpan, Helmsdale, Far North Scotland November 2016 TimeSpan’s Residency Focus: Deep Time moves beyond a human scale, beyond language, beyond fact. In Scotland’s Far North it can be seen in the geological and the nuclear: the peat bogs of the Flow country and the nuclear site of Dounreay. A consideration of deep time also suggests possible methodologies for practice: excavation, … Read More

Spectral Ecologies (second iteration of The Cinemas Project)

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Spectral Ecologies production shot

Spectral Ecologies is the second project presented under the framework of The Cinemas Project and is presented in collaboration with the Mildura Arts Centre. Spectral Ecologies is a collaborative project involving practice-based research leading to an exhibition (2017) and publication as outcomes. While the artists, Sam Nightingale and Polly Stanton, will make individual works for the final exhibition, these will be … Read More

Residency Blog

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I am currently on a residency in West Texas – you can read more about that in the post below. But to keep up to date with my adventures and the project I am working on there is a residency blog, which you can see here. I am updating it every few days while I am on the residency.