Preservation and Mutability: salt and the archive

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I have been thinking about salt a lot recently. Maybe a strange way to start a blog for the TIHR Archive Project but actually there are many connections between the qualities of salt and the archive. As an artist I often have the opportunity to put together concepts that at first appear disconnected. Salt and archival practices are a reoccurring … Read More

Book: Spectral Conjuring of a Cinematic Present

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The Cinemas Project book

Spectral Conjuring of a Cinematic Present by Sam Nightingale The Cinemas Project Published by National Exhibitions Touring Support (NETS) Victoria, 2014. Edited by Bridget Crone. To celebrate the culmination of the first iteration of The Cinemas Project, a book has been published that catalogues the commissioned artists’ work as well as highlighting some of the sites of cinema that were included … Read More

Book: Born and Bread – Stories of Holloway Road

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Some of the stories and histories that are included in the Islington’s Lost Cinemas archive have been contributed to a new book called Born and Bread – Stories of Holloway Road. The book is part of an oral history project that focuses on the cultural heritage of Holloway Road in Islington and has been initiated by the arts charity Rowan … Read More