Preservation and Mutability: salt and the archive

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I have been thinking about salt a lot recently. Maybe a strange way to start a blog for the TIHR Archive Project but actually there are many connections between the qualities of salt and the archive.

As an artist I often have the opportunity to put together concepts that at first appear disconnected. Salt and archival practices are a reoccurring feature of Spectral Ecologies, a practice-based research project I am working on that focuses on the Mallee, a geographically and historically complex region of southern Australia. As part of the project, I visited Lake Tyrrell, a salt lake, where I spent time thinking about the relationship between salt and archives, realising that not only are salt and the archive both agents of preservation but they are equally agents of change and transformation.Read More


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TimeSpan, Helmsdale, Far North Scotland
November 2016

TimeSpan’s Residency Focus: Deep Time moves beyond a human scale, beyond language, beyond fact. In Scotland’s Far North it can be seen in the geological and the nuclear: the peat bogs of the Flow country and the nuclear site of Dounreay. A consideration of deep time also suggests possible methodologies for practice: excavation, speculation. Read More

Spectral Ecologies (second iteration of The Cinemas Project)

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Spectral Ecologies production shot

Spectral Ecologies is the second project presented under the framework of The Cinemas Project and is presented in collaboration with the Mildura Arts Centre.

Spectral Ecologies is a collaborative project involving practice-based research leading to an exhibition (2017) and publication as outcomes. While the artists, Sam Nightingale and Polly Stanton, will make individual works for the final exhibition, these will be exhibited alongside elements of our collaborative research forming an exhibition that is itself an ecology of various differing but intimately related parts.Read More


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State Theatre, Sierra Blanca, Sam Nightingale

Sam Nightingale’s work ‘State Theatre, Sierra Blanca’ will be exhibited as part of Photofusion’s NCM Exposed exhibition taking place between 17 July – 28 August 2015.

State Theatre, Sierra Blanca, is one of the many ghostly cinema spaces that the Nightingale has photographed while exploring the residue of cinema found in rural environments. These are spectral spaces marked by social and geographic change as the site of film has shifted over time. Sierra Blanca is a small town in the Chihuahua Desert in Far West Texas, close to the border with Mexico. It is an area rich with cinematic fable and history, such as the mythical stories of a ‘Movie Mountain’ where a silent film was made in 1900 by Gaston Méliès, the lesser know brother of George Méliès, or the now vanished film set for Giant, the 1956 film starring the legendary Elizabeth Taylor and James Dean.Read More


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The Remains by Sam Nightingale

A selection of images from The Remains will be exhibited during UCL’s Cities After Hours colloquium on 13th May 2015. Cities After Hours brings together researchers from across UCL who are considering the city “after hours” from a variety of disciplinary perspectives. The shift from the diurnal to the nocturnal city will be the over-arching theme of the day. Read More